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Chocolate and Cherry Energy Cookie

Chocolate and Cherry Energy Cookie


A while back I began a little raw food blog called “Raw Foods Ready” where I posted all of my homemade recipes that are prepared 100% raw. I’ve decided to bring them over to Go Forth and DIY and close my little blog to make way for my next big food adventure! It’s a good thing too, because now I’m consolidating all of my projects into one amazing resource site!

I recently teamed up with locally owned and operated (since 1975) Kitchen Kaboodle in the magical food centric city of Portland Oregon. Now I’m able to bring more, new and amazing raw food recipes to life using all of the kitchen gadgets I’ve purchased over the years from them. Gadgets that have made raw food so approachable and easy to do. I will now be demonstrating how to prepare my raw food recipes at Kitchen Kaboodle on the weekends with a list of helpful tools! Very exciting! The very first recipe from my little old blog, chocolate cherry cookies, will become my first raw food demo with Kitchen Kaboodle on Saturday, April 26th throughout the afternoon!

How to make delicious, raw, chocolate and cherry cookies? Well, for starters, you want your two main ingredients to really be the best of the best! I’m a huge fan of NAVITAS NATURALS and also ALLGOOD PROVISIONS


 Ingredients are: 

  •   1 cup Raw Pecans
  •   1 cup Raw dried/shredded Coconut
  •    1/3 cup of dried cherries
  •    2 cups of Medjool Dates with the pits still in (for a fresher texture
  •    A pinch or two of sea salt (to give it that cookie dough flavor)
  •    1-2 Vanilla Beans
  •    1/4 cup of raw Cacao powder
  •    Raw Agave nectar (optional)
  •     Lemon zest (optional)

You’re also going to need:  

  • Cuisinart 9 cup food processor or a Cuisinart spice and nut grinder
  • A oversized mixing bowl
  • Le Creuset medium spatula
  • Pyrex 4 cup glass measure
  • Wüsthof classic paring knife
  •  L’Equip filter pro food dehydrator (optional)
  • A cocktail fork to make the classic peanut butter cookie impression
  • And of course a glass cookie jar!

What you want to do:

Wash your hands to start.

 With your glass Pyrex measuring cup, measure out the dried fruit and cacao powder. Pour into your oversized mixing bowl the dried fruit (cherries and coconut) then add the cacao powder.

With your food processor/spice, nut grinder or coffee grinder blend the pecans into a fine pecan flour.

On a side note, coffee grinders do work, but your cookies will likely taste like coffee beans, which could be delicious, but it’s not kids favorite flavor.

Once the pecans are a light and oily pecan flour texture add it to your oversized mixing bowl with the dried fruit and cacao powder using the Le Creuset medium spatula.

This type of spatula will get all of the pecan flour because of the silicon texture. It picks everything up, so noting goes to waste. 

Let’s move on to the vanilla bean:

Take your pairing knife and cut lengthwise down the bean then scrap up and away from you the vanilla inside the bean and add it to the mixing bowl.


Now we move onto the Dates:

Pull the dates apart and the pits should come right out. Dates can be found seasonally in the produce section of your grocery store. Avoid bulk bin dates because they are stiff and stale tasting. If you have to buy bulk bin dates, get ones with the pits still in and soak them in filtered warm water for one hour to soften them. Once pits are removed take your pairing knife and slice the dates into smaller pieces.


Now for the extra fun part! Remove any jewelry, specifically rings and wash your hands thoroughly again.

this will take about ten minutes, basically you’ll kneed the cookie dough. fold it and press it together. Push down on it with your knuckles and press down again. This will take a while, but make sure that all the ingredients are mixed well and have become one big mass.

Alright! We’re nearly done! 

You can go one of many way’s at this point. You can either begin rolling small balls out by hand and flattening them in the shape of a cookie and plating them. Or you can place them in a dehydrator on a low setting of 106 degrees for a couple hours so they have a slight warmness to them. You can also take a cocktail fork and make the classic impression on the top of the cookie, add a little dollop of agave and sprinkle a little coconut on top for decoration. I also like to add dried apple instead of dried cherries and garnish with a little lemon zest.

Cleaning your appliances after use will also keep them in great shape. I’ve found that a Good Grip grout brush or a deep clean brush set works really well for the mesh inserts of the food dehydrator. Try using a 3 piece water bottle cleaning set on the food processor. It will get in the tough to reach places like the under side of the food processor blade.

 I discovered in a hurry one day that I could brake apart three of these cookies, toss them in a bowl with some almond milk and grab a spoon! Way better the any breakfast cereal out there! 

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