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HAND PAINTED FABRICS (Part 2- Hand towel/Napkin)

HAND PAINTED FABRICS (Part 2- Hand towel/Napkin)


I love hand towels!

I never thought I would type that ridiculous sentence, but hey. It happens.

My kitchen and dinning room are becoming way more enjoyable to spend time in and it’s the little details I have to thank for that. I love to cook, drink and be merry, what better excuse  then that for a hand towel DIY project?

I wanted to  start adding to these fine details to get more of an ambiance from a otherwise average room. I also love throwing dinner parties and you could totally use these for dinner party napkins.

I’ve really come to appreciate going over the top with setting the table. I like to polish my silver and put linens out. I like a chalkboard cheese board and two forks (one for the salad and one for the Main dish) I love a water and a wine glass at each seat. I’m not going to lie, I want to be “First Place Host”  Does that make me a bad person? Nah.

The setting of the table is one of my favorite things to do when gearing up for a dinner party. Different napkins at each setting (all hand painted) So, just for fun, lets paint our own cotton hand towels! I kept these ones very simple and literal. I just received this beautiful tea set, so I decided to pair up my hand towels with a bonsai stencil to go with an afternoon cup of tea aesthetic.

I’m in love with the way the stencil turned out. It’s so beautiful. Granted, I thought about being really colorful with this one, but the black fabric paint was really popping with the silhouette of the bonsai plant. So, I remained a slightly minimal painter today.

pick a stencil or pattern to paint on
fabric paint
coton pieces discounted at the fabric store
A sponge and a tray for paint
lay the stencil flat on the cotton


cover the stencil carefully

bon8 bon9 bon10 bon11


Once you have your first print done, set it off to the side to dry for a minute. You’ll also want to dry your stencil between uses as well. If you print another hand towel with a wet stencil it will smudge your clean fabric and stain it permanently.We’ll be ironing the fabric paint into the towel to set it all the way, but a quick dry of the paint always helps keep it from getting too messy.

bon12 bon13Now were going to work on sewing up the raw edges to complete the look of the towel.

The raw edges before
Measure an inch and cut it off the end to even it out


fold the now clean edge over and press it with an iron to make it easy to sew down

Then you will pin that fold down and in a straight line sew with a zigzag stitch right where the edge meets the fabric to keep it clean looking.

bon19 bon20The next step is totally optional. I did a decorative stitch along the entire edge of the fabric in a darker color to make it pop. You don’t have to do this, or you could just do a straight stitch in a darker or brighter color. It was a toss up for me. I liked it both ways.bon22

bonfin1Tap the images to enlarge and get a closer look!bonfin2 bonfin3 bonfin4 bonfin5





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