Illuminating Connection Between Creative & Healing Arts

All The Wild Zine From Go Forth Culture is now available on Patreon!

I have a new nutrition and recipe zine available with a monthly membership on Patreon

Welcome to All The Wild, Nutrition & Recipe Zine ~ A place of creative nourishment!

Greetings! My name is Kelsey Crawford, I’m a certified nutritionist, artist and herbalist with 20 years of experience in the food/restaurant industry. I live and thrive in the bountiful Pacific Northwest. My life has typically revolved around creative endeavors. Some by myself, some with others, but always inspired it seems by nature and in great celebration of culture, food, travel & wholistic living. These are the elements that make up the spirit of this project.

Putting my love of art to work through a nutrition lens has been my primary focus. I truly value raw creative expression, but I also know it’s of great benefit to the community I share it with, if I infuse my creativity with my nutrition education & industry experience.

I find a great deal of joy in helping folks on an individual basis and I’ve quickly discovered (through a few community events & classes I’ve hosted) that my strength and passion comes to life in a group and community setting. With the help of Patreon supporters my mission is to create inspired & easy to follow, step-by-step recipes that include Western nutrition information & Chinese medicine food energetics, recipe chatter & thoughtful research on the folklore/origin of certain ingredients + complete menus, as well as relevant photographs and illustrations. Eventually I would like to expand to interviews, as well as shared contributions from others in my field.

I’m seeking the time and space in my life to continue creating this quarterly recipe & nutrition zine. Another item I plan to include will be monthly educational handouts on a variety of nutrition/health topics that I would share exclusively with my Patreon supporters! I’ve created additional exclusive merchandise items such as a canvas tote bag featuring my original artwork. Your financial support would also give me the time a space to continue work for my website Go Forth Culture as a free service to the public (that’s you!)

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